Motorists excited by new Total Port Access service station

25Jan 2017
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Motorists excited by new Total Port Access service station

MOTORISTS plying the Nelson Mandela Expressway to Dar es Salaam Port have recommended Total Tanzania Limited for investing in a state of art service station with all facilities required by cars.

Acting Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Ally Hapi (R) with Total Tanzania Limited management official during the launch of the new port access service station

“This is fantastic, a wonderful investment indeed befitting of the name of the road and its importance,” said Fred Kazuwa, a transit truck driver who resides at Kimara Mwisho. Kazuwa said apart from being a modern service station, the Total Port Access service station has enough room for cargo trucks, passenger buses and small family cars.

The DR Congo bound truck driver who was found filling his fuel tanks ready for the marathon journey that can last several days, urged other oil marketing companies to rival Total’s latest investment.

Mahamoud Seif, a daladala driver plying the Gongo la Mboto to Mbagara route paid tribute and other oil marketing companies which have invested in modern service stations. “This does not only offer motorists better services but it also makes Temeke Municipality’s environs look good and of global status,” Seif said.

He counselled fellow drivers and other road users to en sure that the investment in the municipality, is protected and lasts long. “It’s a Total investment yes but it’s in our backyard, it contributes to revenue of the municipality and makes our environment beautiful,” he noted.

A fortnight ago, Total opened the renovated port access service station at Sokota and described the investment as having a resolutely contemporary image with installations that are more energy efficient.

“The new identity fits squarely with this innovative drive and takes the customer by surprise with its contemporary solutions and classic display. There have been some notable successes already: customers have been flocking to Total Port Access station since it opened,” the company said in a statement.

The statement further noted that at the refurbished station, the quality of welcome and clearer product and service identification characterize the Total Port Access station, which give priority to customers and safety.

“In addition with low energy buildings, fitting more seamlessly into their environment, the new Total Port Access station reflects Total’s commitment to sustainable development.

With its modern designs, enhanced services, expanded product offer, environmentally friendly applications such as double walled under-ground tanks and pipe works,” the statement added.

Total Tanzania Limited is a petroleum market and service company, incorporated in Tanzania since 1969. Total business focuses on the marketing, supply and service of petroleum products, heavy furnace oil and lubricants.

As part of its diversification, the company through the Total Access to Solar (TATS) project supports the distribution of solar lanterns locally by introducing distribution of solar lanterns through the AWANGO brand at community level in remote areas with no national power grid access.

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