NBC gives away 10 Yamaha ‘bodabodas,’ Toyo rickshaw grand prize coming

21Feb 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
NBC gives away 10 Yamaha ‘bodabodas,’ Toyo rickshaw grand prize coming

TEN lucky winners have walked away with new Yamaha motorcycles since October last year when National Bank of Commerce introduced a ‘Malengo’ account promotion.

NBC officials pose with Yamaha motorcycle and a Toyo rickshaw that will be presented to the winner of the ‘Malengo’ account campaign during the climax next month. Photo courtesy of NBC.

A grand prize of a Toyo rickshaw is awaiting the luck one when the promotion climaxes next month, NBC’s Marketing Manager, Alina Kimaryo said in Dar es Salaam this week. Kimaryo who was speaking during a January draw for the monthly winner, said other luck winners went on fully paid up trips to Serengeti National Park and Seychelles.

She said the promotion dubbed ‘Ibuka kidedea na malengo’ has continued to attract hundreds of NBC clients because the bank has experienced an increase in deposits from existing and new customers who have opened ‘Malengo’ account.

“When we say ‘Ibuka Kidedea,’ we really mean it because up to now 10 people have won ‘bodabodas’ while eight won paid up travel trips to Serengeti and Seychelles,” Kimaryo said who noted that the campaign is aimed at awarding customers and other consumers in general due to their support.

“NBC is a bank with truly local bearing hence our services and products are conversant with the needs of Tanzanians hence ‘Malengo’ account is such products created by the bank,” she added while stressing that the campaign was designed to enable consumers realize their dreams of owning brand properties.

“We at NBC want our customers and Tanzanians to nurture the culture of saving even if it means saving in very small amounts as a Kiswahili saying goes, ‘Haba na haba hujaza kibaba’ which literally means ‘little- by- little that makes a litre,’” the NBC Marketing Manager pointed out.

During the draw, five winners of motorbikes took home new Yamaha motorcycle while the Toyo make rickshaw is the next big thing to go for.

Present at the event was motorbike winner for December last year, Rosemary Kibodya was presented with her award while she smiles for cameras, saying the ‘bodaboda’ is a new year’s gift from God.