NEMC backs Mwanza based plastic products manufacturer

18Apr 2016
Finnigan wa Simbeye
The Guardian
NEMC backs Mwanza based plastic products manufacturer

PLASTIC furniture including desks being manufactured by Mwanza based Falcon Packaging Limited can help reduce the felling of trees which is a major agent of climate change.

Demonstration at Falcon Packaging Limited

National Environmental Management Council Legal chief, Heche Suguta said they strongly support the project as it protects trees felling.“I know this company and its products and support them, I will call you later for details when I finish meeting,” Suguta said last Friday.

Deputy Environment Minister at Vice President’ s Office, Luhaga Mpina visited Falcon Packaging premises recently and commended the company for using plastic waste to manufacture all sorts of products including pallets, desks, planks and boats.

“We as a government have found a friend in your company because you protect our environment by recycling plastic waste and manufacturing useful products such as furniture,” Mpina said while urging Mwanza city authorities to support the company.

The Minister said the government is committed to working with private investors who protect the environment including deforestation which is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions blamed for climate change.

“We encourage anything that will replace use of trees in the manufacture of furniture or as a source of energy,” Mpina argued.Falcon Packaging Limited which is part of Alpha Group is a US$ 2 million project using state of the art Indian made plastic products recycling plant.

Unlike other plastic products manufacturing firms which mainly use normal plastic waste and not thin bags which litter urban streets and are difficult to manage, Falcon uses the latter.

“We use these thin plastic bags as raw materials to manufacture all sorts of products including planks which can be used to construct berths at ports,” said Ganeshan Vedagiri, Alpha Group Managing Director.

Vedagiri said under a project called Greenwood products, the company works towards to protect the environment through collection of plastic waste of any type and size for use as raw material to manufacture furniture and other products.

“We all know that deforestation is a factor causing climate change and wooden furniture represents one of the biggest consumers of trees, our investment targets to reverse such a scenario,” Vedagiri said.

According to Tanzania Forests Agency, annually close to 400,000 hectares of trees are felled for various purposes including charcoal making, furniture and log exports. Vedagiri said if plastic products can replace wooden furniture then pressure o trees would be reduced.

“The advantage with these plastic products is that they are durable eve if in contact with water, or mishandled by pupils, they are environmentally friendly because the plastic bags that we use would otherwise remain in the soil and cause degradation,” the Alpha Group MD noted.

President John Magufuli’s government is currently conducting a countrywide desks for schools campaign to address the problem of pupils in primary schools sitting on marts during classes. Thousands of desks are expected to be manufactured mainly using timber which means massive deforestation.

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