NEMC set to decide on Dar port expansion project’s ESIA

01Jul 2016
Prosper Makene
The Guardian
NEMC set to decide on Dar port expansion project’s ESIA

AN ENVIRONMENTAL and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) report for the expansion of Dar es Salaam port has been submitted to National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) and is awaiting approval

Dar es Salaam port

An official with NEMC told Property Watch that the ESIA may be endorsed by end this month or early August after receiving it last February.
“It’s in the hands of our experts who will make a final decision soon,” the official said as reports said there are fears that the project may take a bigger chunk of Kigamboni ferry area including Mwl. Nyerere Academy and Kurasini.

“Honestly I don’t have an answer to such rumours unless the experts release their final verdict,” the NEMC official who declined to be identified because he is not an official spokesperson of the council.

The report pointed out that in Phase 1, the project will construction of a new multipurpose berth at Gerezani Creek – which shall be used for general cargo operations until Berths 1 to 7 are modernised.

“In Phase 1, the project will deepen and strengthening Berths 1 to 7, with depth increased to 14 metres to approximately 1,281 m length and paving of inshore container terminal yards at Berths 5 to 7,” the ESIA said.

The report further said that during this phase, the project will also involve improving rail linkages and platform inside the Port; increase of the capacity of the grain silos, and support of installation of a conveyor system, and high speed bulk grab.

Phase 2 of the project will include deepening and widening the entrance channel and turning basin in the port to the end of Berth 11 to 14 m.

“In Phase 2, the project will deepen and strengthen Berth 8-11; relocation of the Kurasini Oil Jetty and construction of a new one as well as construction of a substructure and access for a new dedicated container terminal at berth 12-14,” it stated.

Noting: “Phase 2 activities are at an early stage of development and will be part of a spate stand-alone ESIA that will be prepared and disclosed.”

The report projects that upon completion of Phase 1, the Dar es Salaam Port will be able to handle large vessels, provide more efficient offloading of grain, allow the largest vehicle transport, Panamax vessels, to dock at the new roro Terminal at Gerezani.

“Upon completion of Phase 1, we will see benefit from improved use of rail infrastructure to transport goods from the port to other parts of the country and region, thus contributing to reducing traffic congestion in Dar es Salaam and the wider country,” the report reveals.

The Dar es Salaam Maritime Gateway Project (DMGP) is receiving support from various financial institutions, including World Bank and the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) through the Trade Mark East Africa initiative.

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