New initiative to support small-scale producers in sub-Saharan Africa

19Mar 2022
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
New initiative to support small-scale producers in sub-Saharan Africa

THE Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed) has partnered with Elanco Animal Health to launch a new initiative to manage ticks and tick-borne diseases in Africa, according to a statement issued by the alliance.

MAHABA (Managing Animal Health and Acaricides for a Better Africa) aims to support small-scale producers in Nigeria and Uganda by defining and implementing strategies to effectively control tick infestations in cattle.

Elanco brings a comprehensive acaricide portfolio in affordable small pack sizes together with expertise on tick control to local livestock producers.

Additionally, Elanco commits to bringing its comprehensive product portfolio for cattle and poultry to Nigeria, opening a new market for the company.

GALVmed on the other hand, will leverage its practical knowledge and understanding of the small-scale livestock producer sector to contribute to the initiative’s outcome of increasing uptake of improved products, services and practices by small-scale producers.

“We are excited to collaborate with Elanco to enable access and proper use of high-quality acaricides and innovative tools that empower small-scale producers to successfully tackle the impact of ticks as well as prevent tick-borne diseases,” said Carolin Schumacher, GALVmed’s Chief Executive Officer.

She said will help farmers raise healthier animals, grow their farms’ efficiency and output and eventually allows them to make better returns on their investments.

Building on the success of Elanco’s first shared value initiative in East Africa, East Africa Growth Accelerator, the new initiative will provide local cattle farmers with innovative solutions that help address current acaricide resistance issues.

The initiative is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“We are proud to continue delivering an important contribution to African livestock communities, improving animal health and food security for local families,” said Ramiro Cabral, executive vice president and president of Elanco International.

Livestock farming is an important part of securing the livelihoods of communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, providing nutritious food for growing populations and an essential source of income.

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