New mammoth ship christened ‘Hapa Kazi Tu’

23Nov 2019
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
New mammoth ship christened ‘Hapa Kazi Tu’

A NEW state-owned mammoth ship being built in Mwanza Region at a cost of 89bn/- which is set to ply Lake Victoria has been christened MV Mwanza Hapa Kazi Tu, Works, Transport and Communication Minister Isack Kamwelwe has said.

By Correspondent Wilhelm Mulinda

Kamwelwe made the revelation here recently when he visited and inspected progress on various government projects implemented in Lake Victoria.

‘Hapa Kazi Tu’ is a slogan President John Magufuli used during 2015 presidential campaign. The slogan which gained widespread popularity literally means Just work, nothing else.

The minister said it was not a simple task to get that name as there is a special committee that works out to get names for government’s projects, he said.

Contractor of the ship is GAS ENTEC in collaboration with KANG NAM all of them from South Korea and SUMA JKT from Tanzania. The ship is 92.6 metres long, 17 metres wide and 11.2 metres high.

Speaking at the occasion, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Marine Services Company Limited (MSCL), Eric Hamissi said the ship with a carrying capacity of 1200 passengers and 400 tones of cargo is scheduled for completion early 2012.

Other government projects implemented in Lake Victoria in Mwanza include building of a slipway, rehabilitation of Mv Victoria and Mv Butiama that are scheduled for completion in March next year, he said.

Hamissi noted that until now the government has already paid contractors of all four projects a total amount of 70.8bn/- and up to that point has no debt.

He underscored that building of a new ship as well as a slipway and rehabilitation of Mv Victoria and Mv Butiama will cost 152.7bn/- in total and have employed 1000 people.

According to him, the pace of building a slipway is going okay as the work is over 55 percent complete now.

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