NIT chief urges China to speed up support towards university transform

25Jan 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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NIT chief urges China to speed up support towards university transform

CHINESE government’s support to assist National Institute of Transport become a transport and logistics university is important hence should be speeded up.

NIT rector, Professor Zacharia Mganilwa exchanging contract documents with vice president of Dalian Maritime University, Prof Shan Hongjun when the former visited China last year. Photo courtesy of NIT.

NIT Rector, Professor Zacharia Mganilwa said last during a visit by Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Tanzania, that China is an important partner to the project which is being implemented by the government.

“The upgrading project is still on feasibility study undertaken by Chinese Southwest Jiaotong University and commenced in 2018. We expected the actual work for the entire project to begin last year with civil works kicking off first,” Prof Mganilwa said.

He urged the Chinese government to speed up exercise of upgrading the institute into a fully-fledged university, it will greatly help Tanzania increase the number of qualified personnel in the transport and logistics industry.

So far, U$62 million has been allocated to Tanzania with NIT being among beneficiaries of the Chinese Governments’ five mega transport universities to be built in Africa so as part of China’s ambitious Belt and Bridge global project.

“We have decided that the university will have five colleges with one institute. Southwest Jiaotong University who are undertaking the feasibility study for the upgrading have already taken soil sample for the campus design,” he noted.

Apart from having five colleges, the university will have offices, laboratories, workshops, libraries and student hostels. “Under the agreement, we also expect to receive teaching machines soon after upgrading into university though currently, we have good instructors’ tools but we will get much better ones through China’s support,” he noted.

Prof Mganilwa pointed out that the upgrading of NIT is very crucial to the country because of the massive investment being done by the government in modernising the transport industry which will need experts to manage.

“Apart from Tanzania being expected to benefit from the presence of the transport university, our neighbours such as Kenya, Uganda, Congo Brazaville, DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Malawi and Zambia, will also benefiting by bringing their student to pursue transport courses here,” the NIT Rector explained.

He added, “East and Central Africa does not have a specialised transport and logistics university as such we badly need this support from Chinese government.”

He argued that as the country moves towards industrialization, there is a need for such investment to go hand in hand with the improvement of the transport sector which is life blood for shipping of people and more on

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