NMB’s ‘Bonge la Mpango’ winners drive home Sky Mark rickshaws

15Oct 2021
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
NMB’s ‘Bonge la Mpango’ winners drive home Sky Mark rickshaws

FOUR residents of Dar es Salaam and Dodoma have won Sky Mark rickshaws after emerging successful in the ongoing NMB Bank Plc’s ‘Bonge la Mpango’ first draw of phase two of the campaign.

NMB’s Senior Retail Manager, Ally Ngingite said after the draw held in Dar es Salaam mid this week that the campaign which will last 12 weeks is aimed at encouraging customers to adopt a culture od saving.

“There will be weekly draws with 12 winners of various cash and materials prizes with 10 getting 100,000/- cash while two win rickshaws each valued at 4.5m/-,” Ngingite said while urging the public to join the bank and stand a chance to win the prizes.

He said during the 12 week campaign, a record 50 Sky Mark rickshaws will be won all valued at 225m/- while 120 people will take home a total of 12m/- in cash prizes.

“We urge NMB customers and those without an account with us to open one and deposit cash regularly in order to stand a chance and win cash or materials prizes,” he added saying those who want to open accounts can visit the bank’s branches or simply do it online using smartphones.

Speaking at the event, Gaming Board of Tanzania’s inspector, Joram Mtafya assured the public that the bank’s campaign and lottery have complied with the country’s laws. “Even children’s accounts which are managed by guardians or parents stand a chance to win these prizes as well,” Mtafya said.