NMB targets sugar industries, mining in opening Moro business centre

17Sep 2018
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NMB targets sugar industries, mining in opening Moro business centre

A new NMB business centre in Morogoro is targeting the region’s flourishing sugar industries, mining and agri-business activities in the one of the country’s bread baskets.

NMB Bank Plc’s Managing Director, Ineke Bussemaker (L) and Morogoro Urban District Commissioner, Regina Chonjo shaking hands during a hand over ceremony of the 100 desks donated by the bank to Kilakala and Lupanga Secondary Schools on Saturday.

NMB Bank Plc Managing Director, Ineke Bussemaker said in Morogoro on Friday that Morogoro’s business centre which is the 10th countrywide, also targets the larger business community which gets advice from the bank’s experts on various subjects.

 Bussemaker said during the business centre’s launch which was graced by Morogoro Regional Commissioner, Dr Steven Kebwe, that the investment was made following increased demand for the bank’s expertise in the region.

“Apart from sugar industries and agriculture, Morogoro is also a mining and tourism region with a lot of potential,” the NMB Managing Director, noted.

 She further noted that the business centre is also the bank’s efforts in supporting the government’s industrialization and economic growth plans targeting to make Tanzania a middle income economy in the next five years.

“This is a special business community meeting place with our bank experts to get advice and counselling on various economic and financial matters,” Bussemaker pointed out revealing that all 35 NMB business clubs with over 2,000 members will convene at the centre.

Speaking at the launch, Morogoro Urban District Commissioner, Regina Chonjo said commended NMB management for investing in the business centre saying it will play a major role in growing the region’s business community and economy in general.

Chonjo said the country’s largest commercial bank made the investment after being convinced that Morogoro region has vast economic potential and a vibrant business community which is rapidly growing.

“We hope that your presence here will serve as a catalyst to speed up growth through our agriculture, mining, tourism and other sectors where the private sector has plays a major role,”

Chonjo noted that the business centre will not only enable business people get expert advice but also loans to grow their businesses. “But also through this centre, we hope that business people will get knowledge on markets availability for their products,” the DC added while thanking NMB Bank for also donating desks to the region’s public schools.

The bank donated 100 desks worth 10m/- to Lupanga and Kilakala Secondary Schools located in Morogoro Municipality. The NMB chief said the donation is part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility allocation for this year.

Earlier this year, NMB set aside 1bn/- a CSR budget targeting mainly education, health and disaster relief support to communities.

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