Norwegian Church Aid undertakes water projects in two regions

18Nov 2018
Aisia Rweyemamu
Guardian On Sunday
Norwegian Church Aid undertakes water projects in two regions

THE Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) has undertaken water projects in Hilamoto village in Mwongeza ward, Mkalama district, and Ganyambe village in Gaterer ward in Mbulu district and in other areas in Singida and Manyara regions.

The villages now have access to clean and safe drinking water, Petro Lori, a councilor for Gaterer ward, said.

He said villagers in the areas used to walk along distances to look for water.

The villagers often suffered from diseases such as cholera and sometimes dies due to the use of contaminated water fetched from traditional wells.

Now, he said, the villagers were participating in various development projects having seen the importance of development in their respective areas.

“Involvement of villagers in development activities is crucial,” he said, adding, “Even when we called village meetings most of them could not attend because much time was lost searching for water.”

Shabani Juma, a ward executive officer, said over 2,800 villagers depend on the constructed well for water where villagers contribute Sh50 per bucket for the project’s sustainability.

The project was constructed with the help of villagers who contributed Sh2milion, with the NCA contributing Sh6m for its implementation.

Rehema Suleiman, a villager at Hilamoto village, said they used to spend a lot of time looking for water.

NCA project officer Zakayo Makobelo said undertaking of the water projects in the said districts started in 2015, adding that at least 99 per cent of the water infrastructure had been completed.

He said in Mkalama district at least eight water projects had been implemented while undertaking rehabilitation of water infrastructure in several other villages.

According to Makobelo, NCA plans to upgrade 16 water projects from hand pumps to a solar system to increase water availability to villagers.

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