Nyang’hwale residents benefit from Bulyanhulu mine’s CSR projects

22Jun 2022
The Guardian
Nyang’hwale residents benefit from Bulyanhulu mine’s CSR projects

​​​​​​​RESIDENTS in Nyang'hwale District, Geita Region have been benefiting with the investment of the Barrick Bulyanhulu mine due to the improvement of school and health infrastructures through its Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR).

Leonard Mgema (R), acting chairman of Nyang’hwale District Council, pictured on Monday briefing a delegation of Barrick Bulyanhulu Mine executives who were on an inspection tour of projects implemented in the district with funding from the company. Second right is the firm’s general manager, Cheick Sangare. Photo: Guardian Correspondent

Speaking during a visit by Barrick Bulyanhulu mine officials, Nyang'hwale Council Chairman, Leonard Mgema said the mine has brought much comfort to the people and improved people’s welfare.

“The presence of the Barrick Bulyanhulu mine in the neighbourhood of our district has given us respect. Through its CSR policy, it has supported us in implementation of many projects in the education, health and water sectors,” said Mgema.

He said that construction of an English medium school has relieved the burden of local employees and businessmen who were struggling to send their children to distant areas to get education.

Msalala secondary school headmaster, Mpuya Charahani, thanked the leadership of Nyang’hwale District Council and the Barrick Bulyanhulu Mine for improving the schools’ infrastructure.

Interviewed, some residents commended the mine for the improvement of social services.

Bulyanhulu mine General Manager, Cheick Sangare, accompanied by a delegation of senior mine officials visited various projects implemented with funding through its CSR where he was happy seeing how the projects have helped to improve provision of social services.

Sangare assured the residents that the mine is determined to ensure that residents enjoy better social services and benefits from gold sales. He said the mine will continue to support the government by contributing and supporting development projects.

Some of the implemented projects include construction of a modern Kharumwa pre and primary school which is owned by Nyang'hwale District Council at Butalanda ward.

The school is an English medium oriented, been constructed at a cost of 300m/- through the mine’s CSR policy.

The Barrick Bulyanhulu mine also constructed a dining hall worth over 94m/-, renovated three classrooms at over 25m/- at Msalala Secondary School and constructed two classrooms worth 20m/- at Nyijundu Secondary School.

The mine also supported construction of a girls’ hostel valued at more than 115m/- and a laboratory worth 100m/- at Mwingiro Secondary School as well as a dining hall worth 114.8m/-.

At Nyang'hwale Secondary School, the mine renovated three classrooms at a cost of 18m/-.

The mine has also built a dispensary (70.6m/-) and staff houses worth 25.7m/- at Lushimba village. Lushimba dispensary will relieve the residents of the burden of walking long distances in search of medical treatment.

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