'Nyati’ to double production to 1million MT by 2017

18Mar 2016
Theresia Victor
The Guardian
'Nyati’ to double production to 1million MT by 2017

CEMENT production at Lake Cement Limited, manufacturers of ‘Nyati’ brand of cement is set to double from the current 500,000 metric tons per annum to a million tonnes by next year end.

A factory

Vice president and head of sales and marketing at Nyati Cement Ipn Pathak said his company is planning expansion to meet the growing demand as the construction industry in the country is booming.

“Lake cement is playing a very vital role in infrastructure development by supplying cement which we understand is not enough yet to meet the growing industry demand,” Pathak said.

The construction activities have increased manifold in Tanzania. Cement is a very important ingredient in infrastructure development and construction industry. Recently, more players have entered the cement manufacturing industry in Tanzania.

Lake Cement Limited has its integrated cement manufacturing plant at Kimbiji, near the commercial capital of Dar-es-Salaam.

The company has its own limestone mine and it produces its own clinker and manufactures 42 percent and 32.5 grade cements which is marketed under brand Nyati.

Pathak stressed that his company puts emphasis on quality of the product and better delivery with competitive pricing.

“It is favoured by many block makers for its high strength properties. Several important projects in Tanzania now use Nyati because of its quality,” he said.

Lake Cement, has its own power 10 megawatts generator source at its Kimbiji plant in Dar es Salaam.
Having own power gives the company leverage in consistent and reliable power supply. This makes Nyati production assured with quality consistence.

He said: “With increased capacity and easy availability of cement at competitive prices, construction activities are further bound to get a boost in Tanzania.”

This reporter further visited Lwitiko Mwandambo, head of procurement management unit at Watumishi Housing Company, engaged in affordable housing for public workers in the country.

Mwandambo said in construction, quality cement is of importance hence use several local brands including Nyati.

“We have been using Nyati in most of our projects because its cheap and good quality,” Mwandambo said.
Cement production in the country currently stands at less than three million metric tones per annum which is less the 4.2 million tons of local demand thanks to a booming construction sector.

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