Oikos E.Africa build WMA board members capacity in wildlife management

22Nov 2018
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
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Oikos E.Africa build WMA board members capacity in wildlife management

OVER 40 members of the board of Enduimet wildlife management area (WMA) were given a capacity building brush up training in the trade to ensure efficiency through proper decision making when handling wildlife.

Enduimet Wildlife Management Area board members, participating in a capacity building training held in Longido last week. Photo: Guardian Photographer.

Oikos East Africa organised the training which took place last week in Longido district of Arusha region which shares a common border with Kenya. Bordering Kilimanjaro National Park and the Amboseli ecosystem, Enduimet is a buffer zone for tens of thousands of wild herbivores and grass but also supports tens of thousands of heads of cattle with an area of over 1300 square kilometres.

The empowerment programme aims to impart necessary skills to the board, the authorized association members and the management team in a bid to ensure a fair and transparent management of WMA.

"The idea is to empower the EWMA board, the authorised association members and the management team for the benefits of Enduimet's people and wildlife for today and future generations," said Mary Birdi, an Assistant Manager of the CONNEKT Project, funded by the European Union and implemented in Tanzania by Oikos East Africa.

CONNEKT stands for Conserving Neighbouring Ecosystems in Kenya and Tanzania.  Experts say since nature does not know boundaries, the initiative aims at improving protection of wildlife, livestock and livelihoods.

The intensive capacity building session involved 33 authorised association members, nine board members and four management staff getting knowledge and skills on governance and management of wildlife.

"We are very grateful to Oikos East Africa for empowering us on how effectively we can run our WMA. The training also has given us an insight on each organ's role, something we didn't know before" explained EWMA Manager, Peter Millanga.

According to the trainer from the Ujamaa Community Resources Team, Fred Loure, the participants have equipped with governance, management and responsibilities of the various levels of EWMA leadership hierarchy.

The members received governance subjects focusing on laws and regulations, institutions, processes as well as principles of legitimacy, accountability, transparency, inclusive participation and gender equality.

CONNEKT is a three-year project funded by the EU and executed by Oikos East Africa in Tanzania in partnership with the African Conservation Centre working in the Amboseli ecosystem in Kenya.

The first of its kind, CONNEKT is a cross border collaborative effort geared to protect the greater Kilimanjaro- Amboseli ecosystem, wildlife and people through dialogue. "The key objective of the project is to promote positive dialogue between communities, local institutions and organizations as well as foster best practices between authorities of the two East African member states," noted Birdi.

Oikos East Africa is a Tanzanian not for profit organisation based in Arusha and has been operating since 1999.