Over 500 book space at Chinese proposed 250bn/- EA logistics centre

15Mar 2019
Beatrice Philemon
The Guardian
Over 500 book space at Chinese proposed 250bn/- EA logistics centre

ALTHOUGH construction work of the U$ 120 million East Africa Commercial and Logistics centre will only begin end 2020, the Chinese investor of the mega project has already received books from 500 clients.

An artist’s illustration of the East Africa Commercial and Logistics Centre in Dar es Salaam.

Shanghai based Linghang Group which is partnering Dar es Salaam City Council under public private partnership to build the complex at the current Ubungo Bus Terminal, plans to start construction work once the upcountry bus terminal is relocated to Mbezi Louis. “We have already signed memorandum of understanding with some 500 business people who want to get space in the complex,” said Linghang Group’s General Manager, Cathy Wang.

Wang said her company is ready to start construction work at anytime that the city council relocates the upcountry bus terminal from the area. She told Property Watch last week that the centre which will constitute shops, warehouses, car parking, apartments and offices has already started receiving customer bookings.

“We welcome all business people and company executives to book their space right now in order to get the best locations of their choice,” said Wang who also noted that interested clients can also get a briefing on financing options.

Space in the 93,000 square metres complex will be offered on outright sale, leasing and short term renting. Wang said among other things, the centre will constitute 2,600 shops, 300 warehouses, a 1,000 car parking lot and apartment of all types.

The complex will also accommodate banking facilities and regulatory bodies such as Tanzania Revenue Authority, Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority, Government Chemist and Tanzania Shipping Agency Corporation and others.

“This centre will be a commercial and logistics centre like no other in East Africa and is designed to serve the whole Southern Africa region,” the Linghang GM added.

The Chinese group signed an MoU with Dar City Council in 2016 to jointly develop the area which will sell all types of merchandise especially manufactured goods from China and also provide logistical solutions to transport cargo to neighbouring landlocked countries served by Dar Port.

“We want to create a ‘Dragon city’ like Dubai in Tanzania which with time will become a trading hub for the entire southern Africa.

City Director, Sipora Liana said construction work of an upcountry bus terminal is currently in progress at Mbezi Louis in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam and is due for completion by end next year. “Once the bus terminal is completed, the Ubungo Terminal will shift there to give way to this commercial centre,” Liana said.

“With the completion of the project, we will have a commercial complex that will sell spare parts, furniture, household goods but also provide logistical solutions to the entire region,” Liana added.

During construction, the East-African Commercial and Logistics Centre will create 20,000 jobs both directly and indirectly. The mega project is part of President Xi Jinping’s ambitious Road and Bridge Project which will connect the world’s major cities by road, rail and air to spur trade growth.