Over 80,000 Mwanza petty traders to receive special entrepreneurs’ ID

22May 2020
The Guardian
Over 80,000 Mwanza petty traders to receive special entrepreneurs’ ID

OVER 80,000 petty traders in Mwanza Region are expected to receive special Identification Cards (IDs) that would stimulate engagement in income generating activities and thus improve economic growth this year.

MWANZA Regional Commissioner John Mongella

Regional Commissioner John Mongella made the remarks here soon after receiving a total of 15,000 IDs from the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government.

According to him, this year Mwanza region will receive a total of 88000 IDs worth 1.76bn/-  which will be distributed to petty traders in the region.

"We have today received 15,000 IDs worth 300m/-, this is for the first phase, we expect to receive a total of 73,000 IDs by next month, so by December this year, some 88000 IDs would be on the hands of petty traders," he said.

Mongella commended the government’s initiative calling on petty traders to register to get the IDs as the move rescue them from multi-levies and thus play a vital role in the country’s development.

He wanted officials to conduct the registration and IDs distribution faithfully and with due diligence by learning from the challenges recorded in the past exercises.

"We should also strengthen efforts, work hard and make sure that we collect revenues to surpass our 100 percent target," he added.

For his part, Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Emmanuel Tutuba said that the 15000 IDs will be distributed in eight district councils of Mwanza city (3500 IDs), Ilemela (3000 IDs), Sengerema (1500 IDs), Buchosa (1500), Ukerewe (1000), Kwimba (1500), Misungwi (1500) and Magu (1500).

Manager of the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) in Mwanza, Joseph Mtandika said that in 2019 only they distributed a total of 80,000 IDs to petty traders but the number has gone up to 88,000 IDs this year something which shows that the demand is still high.

Late 2018, President John Magufuli launched the programme to provide vendors and small-scale entrepreneurs with special taxpayer ID cards which he printed in efforts to expand the tax base in the country.

When handing over the cards to regional commissioners, he charged the leaders to ensure proper distribution of the cards.

The ID cards will be renewable annually and are available at a price of 20,000/-. Anyone running a business with a maximum profit turnaround of 4 million/- is eligible to have one.