OXFAM partners with UCRT in economic emancipation of women in Hanang

03Apr 2020
The Guardian
OXFAM partners with UCRT in economic emancipation of women in Hanang

IN ensuring the community attains economic advancement OXFAM Tanzania in partnership with Ujamaa Community Resources (UCRT) has enabled 45 women of Mureru village in Balangdalalu Ward, Hanang District to embark on an irrigation farming project to free themselves from 100-

-percent dependence from their husbands.

Speaking at on the project’s benefits, the women, at different times said it will make them no longer burdens in their families and will in general instill a new different and positive view within the community in the District on the issue of women not being given opportunities to contribute to their families’ income.

“In truth we thank Oxfam and UCRT for this project as it will free us economically and assist in the generation of family’s income,” said Felista Giyam, who is the group’s treasurer.

She added that even though the project targets women only, there are also men whom they have decided to work together with them, and the number is 12.

Another member of the group Anna Iselu, on behalf of the group, appealed to the Government to examine the possibility of finding markets for their crops as lack of markets make many of them lose the drive in farming.

Charles Kidaguwi, who is a male member of the group, said the project will also benefit him greatly as it will make him become more responsible in the family as it is among the sources of income.  

On his part, Donath Fungu, the Oxfam Projects Manager for the Northern Zone said the project is being implanted by involving and youth with the aim of building for them the capacity for economic emancipation.

He added: “When you enable a woman you have enabled the family, the community and the country in general hence for Oxfam Tanzania our biggest stakeholder is a woman.

He said in the past in Hanang district, a woman was not allowed to stand up before the community to speak on anything, but after the training they provided they have started becoming courageous and many of them started contesting for elective posts at village level.

UCRT Project Coordinator M. Masuja said their aim is to give the woman the opportunity to improve her own life and they have placed them in groups to attain better achievements.

He said in partnership with OXFAM they have enabled 365 women to own land with title deeds, provided nine cows to one group, whose number has increased to 19 animals.