PAPU Headquarters to be constructed in Arusha with TCRA assistance

21Jan 2019
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PAPU Headquarters to be constructed in Arusha with TCRA assistance

The Pan African Postal Union and the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority will pool in resources towards the erection of the PAPU Headquarters to be built at the cost of US $ 18 Million.

PAPU Secretary General, Younouss Djibrine.

The towering 17 storeyed sky scrapping complex, is expected to mushroom in Sekei area, will cost 41 billion/- with 55 percent of the sum to be footed by the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) while the remaining 45 percent is to be bankrolled by the TCRA.

Speaking in Arusha during the International Postal day, the PAPU Secretary General, Younouss Djibrine, said the procurement process towards the proposed building is expected to be finalized at the end of this January 2019 and the construction to start shortly after.

“We are now confident to announce that the construction of the proposed PAPU headquarters, which will also be the Union’s investment building will soon commence in Arusha after facing a number of delays, including securing title deed for the plot,” said Mr Djibrine.

International Postal Day was observed in Arusha with a call to roll out digital services across the nation, to ensure that postal services in both Tanzania and continent as whole attain modern ways of offering services.

“The boom in information and communication technologies has completely revolutionized the habits and attitudes of many a person in all works of life. As a long-standing channel of communications and interactions between peoples and communities, the Post has not been left out of this new and emergent dispensation,” said the Acting Arusha regional Postmaster, Frimo Kalasinga.

Mr Kalasinga however pointed out challenges facing the sector when it comes to delivering parcels across borders; “We still rely on privately owned bus and truck companies, whose ways of dealing can be slow and cumbersome,” pointed out the Postmaster.

It was also observed during the meeting that, as it grapples with the demands of its universal service obligations, increasingly scarce government financing, fierce and growing competition from myriad players, compounded by inappropriate or, worse still, non-existent regulation, the Post is left with no other option than to fight for its own survival and to prosper as it has done by reinventing itself to remain relevant in a constantly changing global environment.

In this respect, the booming e-commerce industry, powered largely by digital technologies, offers immense opportunities for the post to establish its leadership on this market. So far, key innovations include the modernization of customs services with the implementation of the Customs Declaration Systems (CDS) and the facilitation of secure financial transactions using solutions developed by the UPU Postal Technology Centre.

Founded in Arusha in 1980, the Pan-African Postal Union aims at spearheading the transformation of the postal sector in Africa through innovative, integrative and encourage cooperation among stakeholders, with a view to promoting reforms in physical, electronic and financial postal network.

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