PBZ chief applauds govt’s investment in electronic payment system

23Sep 2021
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PBZ chief applauds govt’s investment in electronic payment system

INVESTMENT in an electronic payment system by Zanzibar government has boosted revenue while improving efficiency as people can now pay taxes, bills and fees online at their convenience.

People’s Bank of Zanzibar Managing Director, Dr Muhsin Salum Masoud said this week during the launch of a partnership between Zanzibar Government’s Electronic Payment Gateway QR Code and Tigo Pesa that more people are using the online system because of convenience.

“Zanzibar citizens can easily now pay their government bills from their Tigo Pesa wallets to Zanzibar Government’s Electronic Payment Gateway QR code,” Dr Masoud said adding that the government’s decision to invest in innovation is paying off significantly.

He said the decision to invest in GePG by introducing a state of art online payment system has eased the process of paying bills and making payments for various government services and products by the public.

“It has also resulted in benefits such as proper record keeping, timely reporting, reducing leakages and fraud as well as increasing revenues to state coffers,” Dr Masoud noted saying the innovation has also eased the system of people getting documentation.

“Citizens can obtain bills physically from public institutions or electronically through various online portals but also pay for them at their convenience time and place using Tigo Pesa and PBZ accounts,” the PBZ chief executive stated.

Speaking at the event, Tigo Pesa Chief Officer, Angelica Pesha commended PBZ for forging the partnership which will improve service deliver and payment mechanism. “Supporting the Zanzibar government plans to speed up financial inclusion has always been one of our strategic objectives,” Pesha said.

She revealed that with more than nine million customers transacting on Tigo Pesa platform daily, the partnership with PBZ means that consumers have more options to make if they need quick, easy and secure payments to ministries, government agencies and other public utilities.

“In order to make the payments via the Tigo Pesa application and QR code, Tigo customers only need to download and open the application, scan the relevant QR code and enter their secret PIN number to complete the transaction,” Pesha explained.

She further noted that after completing the transaction, Tigo Pesa customers will receive an electronic SMS receipt confirming the transaction. “The e-receipt is acceptable as proof of the payment and eases traceability of the transactions because it is easy to save, retrieve and trace as opposed to physical receipts that could easily get lost or damaged,” the Chief Officer for Tigo Pesa noted.

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