Petrobena East Afica wins hearts of rural sun flower growers

10May 2019
The Guardian
Petrobena East Afica wins hearts of rural sun flower growers

TABORA Region rural growers of sun flower said here are happy with the delivery of fertiliser and other farm inputs being made by a local supplier --- Pentrobena East Africa Limited.

Speaking on behalf of Kisanga Ward sunflower growers  in Sikonge District, the Vice-Chairman of Kisanga Primary Cooperative Society, Selemani Msumeno, said delivery of fertiliser  and farm inputs had always been a headache to farmers and in particular tobacco and sunflower growers.

Petrobena is the main distributor of Yara fertilizer and has won confidence of tobacco farmers in different parts of the country for timely delivering farm inputs to farmers.

“With the intervention of this company, delivery of inputs and fertilisers is no longer a headache to us.  We thank this company because it is also teaching us how to apply the fertilisers which we never used in the past and the yields have increased significantly,” Msumeno said, adding that their district is now respected  for growing well what are currently known as national strategic crops.

A grower, Majaliwa Mussa, said timely delivery of fertiliser  and inputs has not only increased volume of harvests but also the quality of pyrethrum, making growers earn more from pyrethrum sold to their primary cooperative. 

“We are asking them to bring to us fertilisers in time because we are preparing farms for the next season. We have seen the benefits of using the fertiliser ,” he said.

Musa Ngazi, a grower of both tobacco and pyrethrum said in the past many peasants, including  himself, did not use fertilisers until they were educated by Petrobena extension officers.  “We had never applied fertilizers in our tobacco farmers until these people persuaded us to use them.  From the time we used their fertiliser  the harvests have increased and we are earning more from our farms than was the case in the past,” he said.

He said growers who are using fertilisers and inputs now available in their district, will be able to sell agro-industries quality raw materials.

 During the Nane Nane celebrations last year in Morogoro Municipality, retired President Jakaya Kikwete, praised the company for training farmers and timely delivery of farm inputs.