Petty traders urged to turn out en masse for new IDs

11Jul 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Petty traders urged to turn out en masse for new IDs

MISSENYI District Commissioner Col. Denice Mwila called upon petty traders turned out in big numbers to register for special identification cards. The petty traders being registered are those whose details are recorded in their respective municipal databases.

Many failed to meet the requirements for registration because their credentials were not registered in the municipal's database.

For them to obtain their   IDs  so that they are identified by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and be able to conduct their businesses without paying other levies.

The DC made the remarks when addressing journalists recently. He said the 20,000/- worth ID cards are available at offices of the ward and village executive officers across the district.

Data shows Missenyi District has so far received 7,300 IDs for the petty traders whereas only 1,757 (24per cent) have been sold.

 Mwila said authorities have been educating petty traders through media and meetings conducted at ward and village levels so that they turn  up in  big numbers to pay for the ID cards.

One of the entrepreneurs, Adelatha Jonathan commended the use of IDs  for their businesses, saying it had eased their way of doing businesses without actually being harassed by city officers. 

However, some vendors at Bugorora ward market have complained of being forced to surrender their items unless they pay for the IDs.

“How can you call me a trader, while I have come to sell a bunch of banana worth 10,000/- and do not came to the market regularly,” lamented one Kezia Fransis from Kabingo village of Bugorora ward.

Reacting to the complaints, Bugorora ward executive officer, Nuru Helambili admitted taking the items from hawkers saying the idea was aimed at identifying who they were before  urging them to collect the IDs.

The officer said it took two months for his office to educate the entrepreneurs at the market before the exercise  so as to identify petty traders without   IDs.  

Those considered as small scale entrepreneurs include traders who earn not more than 2m/- a year and less than 12,000/- per day.

 In December 2018, President Magufuli directed RCs to issue the IDs to petty traders so that TRA could identify them and stop harassing them since they will be recognized by the government.

The 20,000/- worth ID cards which are renewable annually are given to traders running a business with a maximum profit turnaround of 4m/-.

He noted that the move will broaden the country’s tax base which by that time stood at just 12.8 per cent against a population of over 50 million.  Kenya’s tax base stood at 18.5 percent against a population of 40 million and Rwanda, which has 11 million people, has a tax base of 15.8 percent.

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