Poultry owners urged to sell their chickens by weight

08Jan 2021
The Guardian
Poultry owners urged to sell their chickens by weight

​​​​​​​POULTRY keepers have been called upon to weigh their products in weighing machines before sale to ensure profitable business.

The remarks were given by Mary Mwangoka, a senior livestock researcher from Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) based in Mpwapwa mid this week during a visit at the centre by journalists and researches organised by Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH).

Mwangoka said many poultry keepers have been selling their chicken by estimating the weight, the practice that deny them of higher profit,

She said it was now time for them to change and develop themselves economically.

"Selling chickens by estimating weight makes poultry business hard, if they want to enjoy the market they should adopt the practice of weighing them before sale,” she said.

“You find many chickens sold at between 8,000/- and 10,000/- but you find the same chicken sold at 15,000/- at the markets, the money which the poultry keeper ought to get,” she added.

She said in the research done involving 157 chickens discovered that if a cock’s length is measured by a tape measure, its weight can be correctly estimated, whereas for a hen, it is its width that can determine its correct weight.

Mwangoka added that poultry keepers are supposed to abide by these measurements that would ensure them to arrive at the correct weight of their livestock, instead of costly weighing scales.

"We appeal to the government to introduce the practice of selling chickens by their correct weight, and poultry owner should stop being swindled by unscrupulous middlemen,” added Mwangoka.