PPF reaches out to people with disabilities

29Apr 2016
Gideon Mwakanosya
The Guardian
PPF reaches out to people with disabilities

PPF Pensions Fund has urged people with hearing disabilities to make use of the “Wote” scheme (a scheme for all) meant to cater for the country’s informal sector of who the majority of Tanzanians fall under.

This was said recently in Songea by the fund’s Southern Zone Manager Kwame Temu during training on social security and savings for the future with PPF, where at least 50 persons with hearing disabilities attended.

Temu said: “Wote scheme is a special system which allows persons engaged in the informal sector as well as those in the supplementary system which prevails in the formal sector to contribute to PPF for their future.”

According to him, in the appreciation of the said group when it comes to the country’s economy, PPF has decided to undertake the workshop to train them and impart knowledge that would help people with disabilities to join and enjoy all benefits that are entitled to members of the fund.

“This includes old age benefits, survivor benefits, withdrawal benefits, education benefits meant for people to realise their dreams, gratitude benefits, death benefits, disability benefits and maternity benefits,” he added.

Kelvin Nyema, Executive General Secretary for the the Institute of Deaf in Tanzania (Tamavita) appealed to legislators from the southern zone to stand as one and help them and if possible contribute on their behalf for at least the initial six months as promised during election campaigns.

According to Nyema, only 20,000/- is needed as monthly contribution to PPF and which could be paid directly to the fund’s account or using other means such as mobile money transfers.

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