President Magufuli has finally decolonized Tanzania economically  

15Feb 2019
The Guardian
President Magufuli has finally decolonized Tanzania economically  

To understand colonialism, one must first realize that colonialism isn’t just a political and social system.  Colonialism is also a financial and economic system.  Even more than that, colonialism is a mindset.  It is a mindset which is pervasive throughout the lifestyle of the people in a nation. 

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation’s Executive Chairman, James Sinclair.

 Just as the United States was once colonized, Tanzania was colonized.   Like the United States, Tanzania has thrown off the yoke of its colonial masters once and for all.  In the United States, the transition out of colonialism was revolutionary and quick.  Colonialism in Tanzania had a long and slow death - until 2015.   The mindset in Tanzania has changed since then, and colonialism has finally met its demise. 

Historically, Tanzania experienced colonialism in the 1800’s with the Germans.  In the 1900’s Tanzania experienced colonialism through the United Nations with the United Kingdom.  In 1961, Tanzania became independent, but colonialism did not end there.  The mindset of the people was stuck in the socio-economic mindset of colonialism. 

Even the Constitutional government of Tanzania formed in 1964, provided for elections, but the colonial mindset of the people remained basically unchanged.  There have been five elected presidents of Tanzania since 1964, but the mindset of the Nation was unchanged until the fifth and current president...The Hon. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli.

President Magufuli is (almost affectionately, but respectfully) referred to as “The Bulldozer.”  This is a significant reference for the nation’s leader.  President Magufuli has succeeded where other presidents failed.  He has changed the hearts and minds of his people and the minds and attitudes of business and industry in Tanzania. 

He has killed colonialism once and for all in Tanzania.  He has successfully changed the mindset of the nation and the perspective of the international business community.  He has done more than any other president to move Tanzania to become a force to be recognized in the developing world, and gained the respect of business and industry in the international community. 

These changes have trickled down from the President to the Tanzanian people.  The change in mindset delivered the death blow to former colonialist thinking.  Government and business now deal on a level field of fairness and equity which was historically absent.

Tanzania has updated laws to govern its great natural resources and the regulation of general commerce.  Natural resources are the treasures of Tanzanians.  Under President Magufuli’s leadership, natural resources are preserved and protected while supporting business, industry and the Nation of Tanzania. 

This is a delicate balance.  The key to the success of this balance lies in the stamping out of corruption.  Corruption was formerly a cancer built into the Tanzanian system.  Corruption is a humanitarian issue and interferes with free markets. Corruption was born in colonialism and reigned supreme in Tanzania prior to the current administration.  Corruption has been stamped out in the public and private sectors, and this has allowed for the implementation of a fair and just system to be put in place for government, business and industry and in fairness to all.  Stamping out corruption plays a critical role in cultural changes and provides a foundation for free trade. 

Free trade fosters business competition where colonialism had previously suppressed competition through graft.  This is the miracle which has taken place in Tanzania.  The movement has been away from the mindset of colonialism and into the mindset of free markets.  The Magufuli administration has done more to move Tanzania out of the darkness and into the light than any other predecessor administration. 

Tanzania has been on the fast track since 2015.  This was predicted in the Vogl & Sinclair book, BOOM, Visions and Insights For Creating Wealth in the 21st Century, published in 1996.  It took the leadership of the current administration to manifest these predictions. 

“The Bulldozer” has changed Tanzania in the international community and brought in laws, standards and guidelines for the actions of business and government which has brought Tanzania into the 21st Century as a viable emerging market participant. 

Transforming vision into government and business plans requires setting real and achievable goals.  Tanzania attracts multinational companies and is establishing vital and appropriate boundaries for the conduct of government and business which was formerly absent.

This is particularly important in the extractive industry which addresses and operates in the global market.  Industry and government must necessarily be partners in fairness to each other.  This partnership balance is being achieved in Tanzania for the benefit of government and industry. 

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation has always conducted business in Tanzania in fairness and in partnership with the host nation.  Business and industry that conducts itself in a partnership with Tanzania based on fairness will be welcomed by the nation.

The remnants of colonialism which previously survived in Tanzania have been uprooted, destroyed, and discarded since 2015. Tanzania is finally free of the colonial mindset which tethered the nation.  Yes, colonialism is dead in Tanzania...and good riddance!


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