President Samia pumps in 100m/- to help Dar traders

21Jul 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
President Samia pumps in 100m/- to help Dar traders

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has donated 100m/- for the construction of a modern roof at the Machinga Complex outdoor space to accommodate small and medium traders who were evacuated from the burnt Kariakoo market in the busiest part of Dar es Salaam city.

Dar es Salaam region commissioner Amos Makalla.

The open space which is just next to the Machinga Complex is being used by 1,800 fire victims of the Kariakoo market due to directives issued by the region commissioner’s office.

Speaking to the traders during his special visit at the market yesterday, Dar es Salaam Region Commissioner, Amos Makalla confirmed receiving the money, noting that construction of the roof would begin soon.

He said after his recent visit at the market that also featured talks with the traders, President Samia had already learned the hard times they were passing through and decided to donate such an amount to settle some of the woes.

Makalla said the president had, before his visit yesterday, asked him how much was needed for the roofing.

“I told her that about 62m/- is needed but with consideration of the damages and losses you have incurred, and the importance of entrepreneurs on the micro economy she has decided to donate 100m/- to build a permanent roof,” said Makalla.

According to him, President Samia is donating the money as a way of encouraging traders not to give up on their businesses.

The 62m/- was for just installing a temporary roof that could last for the next five years but the added money on top of will help the construction of a permanent roof.

“There were not enough funds that could enable us to build a permanent roof with our own sourced budget. At the new place all important facilities are provided to enable traders to continue with their daily activities,” he said.

Makalla added that after being instructed by the President, the region commissioner sat down with the Suma JKT, to plan how the construction will be done.

He said as long as the funds are already disbursed, construction will soon begin.

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