Private security firm introduces modern call in centre to tame crime

12Oct 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Private security firm introduces modern call in centre to tame crime

IN an effort to back state efforts to combat crime, SGA Security Tanzania has introduced a modern communication centre to mark customer service week.

SGA Security Tanzania’s control room manager, Joseph Mushi (R) announcing the number that will be used by the public to communicate in case of emergency during the launch of the company’s new call centre to mark customer service week in Dar es Salaam last week. Left is the company’s managing director, Eric Sambu. Photo: Guardian Correspondent.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam last week, SGA’s Managing Director, Eric Sambu said the communication centre which is fully automated, will operate at all times. Sambu said his company has continued to invest in modern infrastructure to improve service delivery to customers but also help security agencies tame crime.

“This facility will enable real-time communication with the customers and the public hence assist improve the security services,” he said adding that SGA has also invested heavily in human capital development.

“We believe in our people because we have invested a lot to build their capacity to represent and protect our brand with pride,” the SGA Managing Director added while stressing that backed by mobile patrols of emergency teams in the field,  the new centre will ensure real time response at the touch of a button from clients.

He further noted that control room staff will see the distress location using monitoring software that is linked to Google maps hence successfully direct response teams to the scene of an incident easily. “Our other strength is the swift response teams we have on the ground which are well equipped and trained,” Sambu added.

Seconding his boss, SGA Customer and Public Relations Manager, Aikande Makere said with the new facility, customer experience will be taken to a new level upper level thanks to automation. “We shall be able to track distress alarms raised and follow them through, using the new customer relations software tool,” Makere said adding that the centre will be manned by six well-trained staff per shift. “Customer experience matters a lot and we want to be proactive and avoid complaints and non-conformities,” Makere stated.

Meanwhile, the SGA Sales and Marketing Manager, Faustina Shoo announced a 25 percent price reduction for customers demanding emergency services for the next three months. Shoo said apart from targeting its customers with better services, SGA is also obliged to back state efforts in protecting people and their property. “We want to give our customers peace of mind and sense of security so that they focus on their daily activities, knowing that someone is watching their back against any risks,” she assured.

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