Prof Ndalichako showers praise on Dar, Coast regions investors

02Nov 2022
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Prof Ndalichako showers praise on Dar, Coast regions investors

PROF Joyce Ndalichako, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (Labour, Youth, Employment and People With Disabilities) has praised factory owners in both Coast and Dar es Salaam regions for providing employment to thousands of Tanzanians through production of-

PROF Joyce Ndalichako.

-goods sold locally as well as for export.

The minister expressed her commendation at the weekend as she wound up her two-day official visit in the two regions during which she visited 6 factories that produce various good including packaging materials, household utensils, pipes, drinks, sanitary pads and beef.

The factories she visited include Lake Oil Group, Tanzania Ruidar Co. Ltd at Kigamboni, Tanchoice Limited, U-Fresh Food Limited, Keds Tanzania Ltd and Global Packaging Limited.

“I have finished my two-day visit in the two regions, its aim is to get feedback in regard to the implementation of labour laws including jobs created by our investors.

“What pleased me is that in all the six areas I visited, I have witnessed more than 3,000 jobs that have been created,” said Prof Ndalichako.

She said many of these are youth, proving that the Phase V Government implements it responsibilities I creating an enabling environment for investors.

However, Prof Ndalichako said she found minor deficiencies at some work places including some employers who do provide work contracts to their workers, failing to remit contributions to workers’ security funds as well as lack of safety systems.

During the visit, the Minister was accompanied by Kibaha district Commissioner, Sarah Msafiri, Kigamboni district Commissioner, Fatma Nyangasa, OSHA Chuief Exective Officer, Khadija Mwenda, the commissioner for Labour, Suzan Mkangwa and other officials in the ministry’s various institutions.

For her part, Kibaha DC Sarah Msafiri thanked the Minister for the visit and reminded employers to abide by labour laws and promised to work together with investors in implementing the directives given.