Puma Energy shows pupils ‘the sky is the limit’

10Nov 2018
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Dar es Salaam
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Puma Energy shows pupils ‘the sky is the limit’

KISARAWE District Commissioner Jokate Mwegelo yesterday commended Puma Energy Tanzania for initiating the ‘sky is the limit’ project for school children which aims to arouse the interest of school children in the aviation industry and challenge them to dream big

KISARAWE District Commissioner Jokate Mwegelo

The project which is implemented by the oil firm—Puma in collaboration with Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) provides an opportunity to children from underprivileged public primary schools to experience the aviation industry.


Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Mwegelo said the project will enable pupils from Kisarawe district to learn by practicing, thus developing an understanding of aviation.


“With this new project, we are likely to have a good number of engineers specializing in aviation fuel and ground services. I am proud to be part of the initiative that is meant to encourage young people into the aviation industry,” said the DC.


Currently, Tanzania has a single aviation fuel engineer who is about to retire,   Puma officials said.


Mwegelo stated that the visit to Puma Energy aviation operations will broaden their understanding of the aviation industry, helping to push them to opt for science subjects in future.


She said: We are going to get aviation fuel engineers and even pilots for our own courier—ATCL. This kind of initiative will in future see our country having a number of aviation specialists,” she said.


Puma Energy Tanzania Marketing Manager (Aviation Fuel) Iluminata Yater said that children had an opportunity to learn about Puma Energy services at the airport and how the oil firm provides aviation fuel to local and international airlines flying to various airports in Tanzania.


“We are currently the market leader in providing aviation fuel, and we have been a long term partner in the aviation industry and supportive to the economic development of the country,” said Yater.


Yater noted that through the education tour, primary school children have had first-hand experience of airport infrastructure such as aviation fuel supply, ground handling services, control towers and aircraft information at a glance through aviation experts.


She said children also had an opportunity to know ATCL’s business by visiting their facility and getting appropriate information about the national courier as well as its efforts to contribute to the growth of the country’s economy through air transport.


“Selected students will have a chance to experience a short flight where they will also have time to talk to cabin crew and captain,” said Yater, commending the Kisarawe DC, teachers and the District Education Officer for facilitating the children’s educative tour of the industry.


‘Sky is the limit’ project provides exposure to the world of aviation to school children who would not have had opportunity to think over such an amazing industry. It also aims at motivating them to take school work seriously, inspire them to think of aviation and related fields, which all require science specialization.




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