Pyrethrum farmers in plea for more buyers to spur price rise

03Aug 2021
The Guardian
Pyrethrum farmers in plea for more buyers to spur price rise

​​​​​​​PYRETHRUM farmers in Mbeya District have appealed to the government to assist them to find other buyers of the crop to increase competition that will raise its price.

The farmers from various villages in Umalila Ward in the District made the appeal on Sunday when receiving various items for the construction of infrastructures of schools, health and roads in their areas.

The items were provided by the Pyrethrum Company of Tanzania (PCT), the company that buys their crop as part of its responsibility to the community in areas they buy the crop.

Joseph Mwile, one of pyrethrum farmers said in the past they were selling the crop at between 2,400/- and 2,500/- per kilo but now the price has shot up to 2,700/- a kilo, saying the price was still low and unprofitable for them.

He said at least the price should be 3,000/- a kilo, and added that cultivation of pyrethrum was a very tedious undertaking and takes them a very long time before selling the crop.

“I have five acres, a cannot alone work on all of them, I must have labourers to help me, but at the price we are getting, it is hard to earn any profit, we therefore ask the government to find for us other buyers,” he said.

Another farmer, Iyela Mwaweza, a farmer from Pashungu Village said many fellow villagers cultivate pyrethrum, but since there is only one buyer we hardly earn any meaningful profit.

“Sometimes when you go to sell your crop, you are find the office closed and you are told there is no money, and you cannot sell anywhere else, this is a very big inconvenience facing us,” he said.

PCT representatives promised to solve challenges under their ability and appealed to other stakeholders to chip in.

PCT Pyrethrum Coordinator, Michael Bishubo said they will continue to work together farmers to improve crop’s benefits to farmers and the nation in general.

Speaking on behalf of Mbeya District Council, the District Agricultural Officer Diana Masebo called on farmers not to be despaired as the government was all ready to assist them.

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