RC warns pensioners against conmen

31Jul 2021
The Guardian
RC warns pensioners against conmen

​​​​​​​MWANZA Regional Commissioner Robert Gabriel yesterday warned pensioners against conmen who wish to deceive them their pension.

​​​​​​​MWANZA Regional Commissioner Robert Gabriel.

The warning was given by Mwanza RC when he opened a seminar for government employees who are approaching retirement.

The RC said during this moment when the employees are expecting to retire from their service, there are a number of people including relatives who want to benefit from them.

He called upon the would-be pensioners to pray harder because with a lot of money it is easy for one to change his or her behavior.

He advised the would-be pensioners to engage in businesses which will generate income to help them.

The RC also called upon the pensioners not to issue any bribe when processing their benefits saying the malpractice is prevalent these days.

“Anyone among you who will be requested to give bribes should not hesitate to report so that relevant bodies can take legal actions against them,” he said.

Ating Director General for Public Service Social Security Fund (PSSSF) Beatrice Lupi said the fund gives a pensioner his or her benefits within 60 days if all criteria are met.

She said one of the key issues that make benefits to take long was the delays by the employer to submit documents to the fund.

A total of 110 expected pensioners in Mwanza were trained on how to handle retirement stress and what to do with the benefits which they receive after their many years of service.

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