Regional Aviation College offers brush up course to flight operators

10Jul 2017
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Regional Aviation College offers brush up course to flight operators

Regional Aviation College (RAC) is running a rare and unique flight operations officers refresher course in the country in a bid to update them with the current aviation affairs.


Dubbed, ‘flight dispatcher recurrent training programme,’ the program is designed to assure continued competence of the flight dispatch personnel with essential profession requirements and alignment with latest developments in the aviation industry.

“This programme meant update holders of flight operations officer licenses once yearly for them to remain current in the practice as provided for in the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) regulations” RAC Managing Director, Capt Phillemon Kisamo said last Friday.

So far, RAC has trained nearly 20 flight operations officers from key airports in Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Kilimanjaro which are major gateways for over one million tourists visiting the country annually earning the country about U$2 billion.Among other things, the course revisits all key areas of competence in addition with mandatory subjects such as safety management systems, emergency response, aviation security and dangerous goods awareness.

“This programme will be running on a yearly basis for the next three years consecutively,” said Capt Kisamo.

He said the idea is to provide students with adequate knowledge to be able to dispatch an aircraft in accordance with internationally accepted aviation standards and procedures as established by international Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA).

“A complete and up-to-date legal and regulatory framework constitutes one of the cornerstones of an effective civil aviation system, which is safe, secure, regular, sustainable and efficient,” the RAC chief explained.

One of the course participants, Lightness Lukumay from Regional Air Services, said the course came at the right time as majority of flight dispatchers are facing a myriad of challenges in the high-tech world.

“We didn’t know that some of laptops, cellular phones, lighters to mention but a few, could be dangerous to plane safety,” Lukumay said at the end of the three-day course held in Arusha City. Another participant, Rejoice Rukyaa from Dar es Salaam commended RAC for organising the course saying it updated them on key areas of operations.Sixteen flight operations officers attended the course from Auric Air of Dar es Salaam and Regional Air Services of Arusha. 

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