Ruaha National Park introduces sport fishing as new tourism venture

01Aug 2020
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Dar es Salaam
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Ruaha National Park introduces sport fishing as new tourism venture

RUAHA National Park has introduced sport fishing as new type of tourism to lure more tourists in the conservancy.

Park’s conservation officer, Amina Salum unveiled the plan when speaking to journalists who visited the country’s largest national park recently.

She said that the idea is to woo as many tourists as possible in the conservancy.

“This is possible taking into account that the national park has enough water resources and therefore the park takes advantage of Ruaha River to introduce such kind of tourism,” the official said, adding:

“We’re also planning to introduce boat tourism, establishing new investments, improving infrastructure to make it easier for visitors to arrive at the park and continue to promote the park,” he said.

Amina also urged Tanzanians to embark on walking safari and night game drive—a thrilling tourism ventures, which are yet to be explored.

“Despite the existence of many types of tourism at Ruaha National Park, they have been only used by foreign tourists while Tanzanians have preferred the game drive tourism only,” Amina said.

According to the conservationist night game drive and walking safari give opportunities to tourist to view wild animals and other attractions directly.

“That’s why we’re asking Tanzanians to see the importance of using those types of tourism,” she said.

The official said the current state of tourism in the park has not returned to normal due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Ruaha National Park is a national park in Tanzania located in the Iringa region, with the size of 20,226 km2 , making it the largest protected area in Tanzania and East Africa.

The park is one of the Tanzania birds’ paradise with more than 571 species and some of them are known to be migrants from within and outside Africa.

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