SBL provides tap water to 2m locals for the past six years

25Jan 2017
Prosper Makene
The Guardian
SBL provides tap water to 2m locals for the past six years

OVER two million Tanzanians across the country have been given access to free safe clean water by Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) in the past six years.

Through a program known as Water of life (WOF), the beer brewing company has drilled 16 boreholes in nine regions enabling communities’ access safe and clean water uninterrupted.

The regions include: Arusha, Coast, Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Mwanza and Ruvuma.

SBL Corporate Affairs Director, John Wanyancha said yesterday that the brewer is committed to alleviating water shortage especially in rural areas which for a long time have suffered shortage of precious liquid.

“SBL has a policy commitment towards the wellbeing of our community with Water of Life being one of our four priority areas that our company has included in its plans to provide social support to the community in which it does business,” said Wanyancha.

He described other priority areas as: skills provision to youth, environmental sustainability and promotion of responsible drinking.

Wanyancha further added that by providing reliable water supply to the community, SBL enables the people to spend more time in production processes rather walking long distances to fetch water especially for women.

“Besides boosting the local residents’ health, the availability of clean and safe water within the community ensures that children, especially the school-going girls are given ample time to freely attend schools,” the SBL Corporate Director noted.

He explained that SBL’s WOL plan for year 2017 targets to commission more projects in Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam and Arusha regions with an estimated 300,000 people expected to benefit from the projects.

Incorporated in 1988 as Associated Breweries, SBL is the second largest beer brewer in the country with its beer brands accounting for over 20 percent of the market. SBL has three operating plants in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Moshi.

Since the majority stake acquisition by EABL/Diageo in 2010, the company has seen an increased investment in international quality brands selling cheaply locally.

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