Shein calls on importers of goods,drugs to adhere to Zanzibar’s laws

14May 2019
The Guardian Reporter
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Shein calls on importers of goods,drugs to adhere to Zanzibar’s laws

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein yestersday called on importers of goods drugs to adhere to the laws governing the sector to ensure people’s safety.

Zanzibar President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein leads talks at Zanzibar State House yesterday with senior officials of the Isles Health ministry on the implementation of the work plan for July 2018 through March 2019. Photo: Zanzibar State House

Dr Shein made the call when he met with top management of Ministry of Health, who presented to him a report on the implementation of the action plan between July 2018 and March 2019.

President Shein said that it’s against the law to bring in the Indian Ocean archipelago goods without following proper channels as stipulated by the law.

“It is high time for the Ministry of Health to take the issue very seriously for the well-being of Zanzibaris,” he said.

He also said that it’s strictly prohibited for traditional healers to promote their drugs, as doing so is against the Zanzibar’s laws governing the sector.

According to him, promoting their drugs is meant to deceive patients, something which is against the law not in Zanzibar alone but all-over the world.

He, however commended the Ministry of Health for their job well-done to implement various health programmes in Zanzibar.

Dr Shein encouraged them to work hard for the betterment of Zanzibar people.


Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous country, made up of two sister Islands (Unguja and Pemba) and forms part of the United Republic of Tanzania.


The Ministry of Health in Zanzibar governs all matters related to health within the islands. In early 90’s, the ministry embarked in the reform process which became fully fledged in 2002.

 The Zanzibar Health Sector Reform Strategic Plan I (ZHSRSP I) 2002/03– 2006/7 which was followed by ZHSRSP II 2006/7 – 2010/11 were established based on the 1999 Zanzibar Health Policy.

The reform sought at decentralizing planning, prioritizing and integrating health services at district level.

In addition, the reform aimed at ensuring the availability of equitable high quality of health care services to all Zanzibaris with special focuses on priority diseases or burden of diseases and according to the essential health care package.