SimbaNET’s CEO vows to invest in better to improve service delivery

21Feb 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
SimbaNET’s CEO vows to invest in better to improve service delivery

IN a bid to maintain its dominant share in the domestic market, SimbaNET’s new Managing Director, Kenneth Ojung’a has vowed to continue investing in modern infrastructure technology.

A SimbaNET female engineer at work in Dar es Salaam.

Ojung’a who was appointed SimbaNET’s CEO in December last year, said the company has posted great performance annually. “This indicates that the market has a strong growth potential and therefore in need of increased services and products to meet growing demand. For this reason, Simbanet continues to invest in its infrastructure in Tanzania to position itself to better serve its customers evolving business needs,” he added.

Ojung’a which is one of the leading internet service providers in the country will continue to provide high quality and customer centric services to the market to ensure that customers are at the cutting edge of technology solutions whilst keeping a keen eye on their need to manage costs.

He further noted that that the market should also expect more in innovation and improvement of services because of his vast potential in the telecom media and technology industries that span across Africa.

Among other feats, Ojung’a worked with regional telco giant, Safaricom, pan-African brands like Econet Media and global brands like Vodafone hence expected to use such knowledge and experience to improve service quality and deliver above competitors in terms of the overall customer experience.

“Simbanet is a unique provider of integrated telecommunication services with a long heritage of quality products and service delivery to customers in the Tanzanian market and needs to sustain such a leading role,” he added.

Simbanet operates across all the countries in East Africa, and extends to Malawi and Zambia, providing voice and connectivity products to its esteemed corporate clients. SimbaNET provides connectivity, architecture, security, cloud and managed services to help enterprises optimize their information and communications technology (ICT) environments. SimbaNET is a member of Wananchi Group.