Singida to build international onion market

08Dec 2018
Beatrice Philemon
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Singida to build international onion market

SINGIDA district council plans to build an international market for onions produced in the region and neighbouring areas to enable farmer fetch higher prices for their produce.

The move would also ensure that farmers export their produce to neighbouring countries and wider markets.

The District Agriculture, Irrigation and Cooperative Officer (DAICO) Abel Stanely told a delegation of ActionAid Tanzania during their visit to the district that the international market will be constructed at Merya area and over six hectors of land has been set-aside by the district.

“We are looking for partners from Tanzania and overseas to set up an international market for the produce in the district,” he said.

The district lacks funds to carry out the project and so they need to join forces under public private partnership arrangements, he elaborated.

The market is also expected to have banking facilities, cargo truck parking arcade, onion storage facilities, police station post, taxation and logistics facilities including security and all related services, he said.

A feasibility study for the project was underway to establish the cost of the project which will stimulate farmers in the region to produce more for export.

It is the district’s expectation that the market will attract businesses from neighbouring Rwanda, Kenya, Zambia, Congo and Uganda, to use the trading facilities.

“The district was already attracting traders from Kenya, Congo and other countries coming in Tanzania to purchase our onions,” he noted.

Musisi ward official Emmanuel Sima acknowledged the district for embarking on the project saying it will enable farmers to benefit more.

It will be now be easier for businessmen to come directly and trade with farmers in the region, he said.

It is expected that after the completion of the project, part of the revenue collected will be allocated for village development and for women and youth empowerment, he added.


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