Stamico acquires new 14 heavy modern minerals drillers

05Aug 2022
Francis Kajubi
The Guardian
Stamico acquires new 14 heavy modern minerals drillers

THE State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) has secured 14 modern mineral drilling facilities,making it as one of the top five mining companies with heavy working machines.

STAMICO Acting Managing Director DrVenance Mwasse

STAMICO Acting Managing Director DrVenanceMwassetold Property Watch earlier this week in Dar es Salaam that the new mining heavy machines were purchased in June this year, and has placed the state company in a well fledged competitive position with both local and foreign private companies.

For decades, giant companies in the mining sector such as Boart Longyear, Capital Limited, and SuperCore Drilling Company Limited had led the drilling sub-sector, but now STAMICO is well equipped to rein the deepholes underground drilling activities with modern equipment.

“As Stamico celebrates its 50th anniversary as it becomes a complete mining services provider through different angles of the sector such as exploration and production drilling, load and haul services and fleet maintenance,” said DrMwasse.

According to him, the 14 drilling rigs are currently facilitating mining activities at Geita Gold Mine Limited, Buckereef, and Buhemba Gold Mine. He said STAMICO had spent 1bn/- and 4.5bn/- in purchasing each drilling rig that differs in operation capacities.

“For a single drilling rig to fully operate at least 50 youths are needed to be recruited on different segments of the drilling process.  With the existence of 14 rigs in mining sites almost 700 young people have been employed,” he asserted.

Explaining about the rigs, STAMICO Head of Site Drilling Activities Alex Rutagwelela, said one of the drilling rigs that the company owns is the reverse circulation (RC) Explorac235 manufactured by Epiroc, a Swedish company.

“The rig has a capacity of drilling deeper holes of up to 400 meters. The E235 uses high air pressure. It is one of the rarest rigs owned by Stamico in Tanzania until mid this year when another mining company purchased one,” said Rutagwelela.

 He said the Explorac 235 meets all the challenges of exploration with reverse circulation.

While designed specifically for reverse circulation drilling to depths of 300 to 400 meters, the rig can be easily adapted for water well drilling. The Explorac 235 is available for assembly on a truck or crawler chassis.

STAMICO is a wholly owned government enterprise, is a under the Ministry of Energy and Minerals established by the Public Corporation Act cap 257 through State Mining Corporation Establishment Order No. 163 of 1972 as amended in 2014.

Its mission is to invest in the mining industry and provide quality services in the management of mines, drilling, consultancies and other related businesses particularly to the artisanal and small-scale miners.





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