Stanbic Bank launches, ‘More than a bank’ campaign for inclusive growt

19Jul 2018
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Stanbic Bank launches, ‘More than a bank’ campaign for inclusive growt

IN a bid to spur inclusive financial sector growth, Stanbic Bank Tanzania will today unveil a campaign dubbed, ‘More than a bank’ which targets individuals and businesses with its brand products.

Stanbic Bank Tanzania Limited’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Desideria Mwegelo. File photo.

The bank’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Desideria Mwegelo said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that its latest brand campaign is meant to distinguish itself as a financial institution that impacts individuals and business owners by providing the financial tools that empower and help them grow.

“The aim of the ‘More than a bank’ campaign is to bring to the fore our role in moving lives and communities forward. Very often when people think of a bank, they only see the physical transaction of cash,” Mwegelo noted saying there is more to transacting and getting cash at Stanbic compared to other banks.

“At Stanbic Bank, we think of the before and after, we realise that everything we do, sets something in motion for the client, that our actions have consequences for the client and that’s why it’s important for us to put the client at the centre of everything we do,” she noted.

The Stanbic Bank Tanzania Head of Marketing and Communications further pointed out that when the bank partners in bringing power to the community for example, it is indirectly enabling industrialisation, education and all the associated benefits that come with having electricity.

Similarly, through its home loans, individuals are empowered to own homes that provide lasting memories for families, Mwegelo noted.

She added that the country has a young population of ambitious, bright and energetic individuals who are relentlessly pursuing opportunities and wanting to change the game hence Stanbic wants to partner them on their journey towards making progress real for themselves, their families and communities.

‘As a member of Standard Bank Group which has a rich history of 155 years and a presence in 20 African countries, we understand the dynamic complexities of the continent, its culture and its people. We are more than a bank,” Mwegelo charged.

As the country’s Development Vision envisions a high level of human development and targets the economy to graduate to middle income status by 2025, Stanbic is aligned to the nation’s goal as it strives to use the power of financial services to fuel such development.

The bank recently received accolades at the Banker Africa Awards for being Tanzania’s ‘Best SME Bank,’ which Mwegelo said further demonstrates its commitment to making progress real for businesses and individuals and thus driving inclusive economic growth in Tanzania.

Stanbic Bank Tanzania is part of the Standard Bank Group, the largest African bank by assets with its headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

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