TANESCO assures investors of reliable power supply in Arusha

23Jan 2019
By Financial Times Reporter
Financial Times
TANESCO assures investors of reliable power supply in Arusha

The national power utility firm TANESCO has urged local and foreign investors to establish businesses in Arusha and other parts of the northern zone, assuring them of reliable power supply.

TANESCO’s regional manager for Arusha, Herini Mhina. photo by k-vs blog

TANESCO’s regional manager for Arusha, Herini Mhina, said here that recent improvements made to the company’s production, transmission and distribution operations mean that there is now enough electricity in the zone to meet customer demand.

“For instance, current electricity need for Arusha region is 75 megawatts but our station here is capable of producing 120 megawatts. Therefore, we have nearly 50 extra megawatts,” Mhina said.

He noted that the zone already has a new investor, Godmwanga Gems, who has established a graphite factory in Mirerani.

“We have constructed a dedicated power line for this investor from our KIA substation and we are supplying 1.1 megawatts to him without any problems,” said Mhina.

TANESCO’s manager for Mirerani district, Zakaria Masatu, said during a tour of the graphite factory that they have not received any complaints regarding electricity supply from Godmwanga Gems.

“Production has been going on for more than six months here and we have not received any complaints from the investors,” Masatu said.

He also noted that TANESCO has been supplying power to Tanzanite One and other tanzanite miners at Mirerani without hitches.

The graphite factory’s human resources manager, Tumaini Ndugu, said they were now expanding the capacity of the plant.

“We are doing so because we want to meet the demands of our customers, and also because we are sure we will get the electricity we need for production,” Ndugu said.

According to Mhina, this is has been the government’s vision since it embraced its current industrialization agenda.

“We can assure investors, local and foreigners, that if they want to invest in Arusha, availability of electricity won’t be a problem,” he reiterated.

He noted that industries are important in building the national economy and meeting the social and economic needs of local communities.

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