TanGold scores big with 90pc gold recovery at Buckreef Gold Project

14Sep 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
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TanGold scores big with 90pc gold recovery at Buckreef Gold Project

IN a major development of the Buckreef Gold Project in Geita, a 90 percent gold recovery was attained at the oxide test plant of the Buckreef Gold Company Limited.

TanGold CEO, Stephen Mullowney.

In a statement last week, Tanzanian Gold Corporation which is operating the Buckreef Gold Project jointly with State Mining Corporation said the higher gold recoveries increase revenue per tonne and lower costs per gold ounce versus lower gold recovery rates.

“The focus of the oxide test plant in the final two months was on recovery rates utilizing similar retention time and grind size design parameters as the 15 tonne per hour (360 tonnes per day (tpd)) and 40+ tph (960+ tpd) expansions,” the statement said. 

The results of the gold recovery tests are above the gold recovery rates previously achieved at the oxide test plant, when the goal was to maximize gold production versus maximizing gold recovery rates. These higher gold recovery rates provide increased confidence in an already robust oxide mine plan, the report noted.

The statement further added that another milestone was that the grindability of 85 percent passing 75µ (microns) screen aperture and retention times averaging 33 hours significantly improve gold recovery. The test plant studies are now complete for the oxide mill feed, the company stated.

Commenting on the development, TanGold CEO, Stephen Mullowney said, “The results of the focused oxide test plant aimed at maximizing recovery of the oxide mill feed have conclusively demonstrated 90 percent gold recoveries. I am delighted with the results and look forward to the finalization and commissioning of the 15 tons per hour (360 tpd) operation,” Mullowney noted.

The laboratory pulverized the solid sample and took 50g sub sample for analysis. The rest of the sample is packed as a ‘reject sample’ and returned to site for quality checks. Twenty samples were selected for re-assay at the second lab (SGS - Mwanza).

Tanzanian Gold Corporation along with its joint venture partner, Stamico is building a significant gold project at Buckreef in Tanzania that is based on an expanded mineral resource base and the treatment of its mineable two standalone plants.

Measured Mineral Resource now stands at 19.98MT at 1.99g/t gold containing 1,281,161 ounces of gold and Indicated Mineral Resource now stand at 15.89MT at 1.48g/t gold containing 755,119 ounces of gold for a combined tonnage of 35.88MT at 1.77g/t gold containing 2,036,280 ounces of gold.

“The Buckreef Project also contains an Inferred Mineral Resource of 17.8MT at 1.11g/t gold for contained gold of 635,540 ounces of gold. The company is actively investigating and assessing multiple exploration targets on its property,” the statement noted.

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