Tanzania coal miners earn US$211mn in 2021/2022

20Jan 2023
Valentine Oforo
The Guardian
Tanzania coal miners earn US$211mn in 2021/2022

TANZANIA has successfully managed to produce a total of 1.5 million tons of coal worth around US$211 million during the 2021/22 fiscal year, the Tanzania Mining Commission (TMC) Executive Secretary, Engineer Yahya Samamba has unveiled.

Tanzania Mining Commission (TMC) Executive Secretary, Engineer Yahya Samamba. Photo: Correspondent Valentine Oforo, Dodoma

According to him, more than 800,000 tons of the produced coal sold abroad and at least 600,000 tons were marketed within the country, especially at cement factories.

Eng. Samamba observed that coal mining, especially in the Ruvuma region, has continued to play a meaningful role in helping improve performance of the mining industry in the country through attracting potential investors, who are continuing to extend their investment footholds.

He said the impressive development was a result of the favorable investment environment and policies that the government had set pertaining to investment into the vital economic sector across the country.

And he added that, due to vigorous efforts by the government to assure for serious management of coal production, in the period of the 2022/2023 financial half year (July to December, 2022) an amount of 1.56 million tons have been produced and emphasized that more than three million tons are expected to be produced by June this year.

Explaining on the contribution of coal mining companies to Ruvuma region, Eng. Informed said instructions issued last year by minister of minerals, Dr. Doto Biteko during his meeting with key mining stakeholders in Ruvuma have positively triggered a number of achievements, including a major increase in the number of Tanzanians who currently work in different mining companies.

He also said that the government through the Mining Commission was continuing working to create an enabling environment for coal investors in order to ensure the sustainable metamorphosis of the economic sector, including the improvement of infrastructure such as roads, electricity in collaboration with other state-owned institutions.

In addition, the TMC’s high-ranked officer explained that coal has been transported through Mtwara Port to foreign countries with the biggest buyers being India, Poland and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC-Congo).

Eng. Samamba challenged possible investors from inside and outside the country to come forward  and grab numerous investment opportunities available in the mining sector, especially in Njombe region where copper, gold and manganese minerals are found in abundance.

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