Tanzanian expert trains Botswana on new live-line technology

20Apr 2019
Felix Andrew
The Guardian
Tanzanian expert trains Botswana on new live-line technology

ABOUT 30 electrical experts from Botswana are attending a short course on live line technology in Gaborone, carried out by a Tanzanian engineer, Mac Donald Mwakamele.

Mac Donald Mwakamele.

Speaking in an interview, Mwakamele said the government of Botswana through its electric company (BPC) had assigned him to train 30 local expert on the technology.

Explaining further he said with about 70 percent of the country’s population having access to electricity, Botswana is currently focused on the digital transformation of its grid network to enhance reliable access for its people.

He said that few countries in Southern Africa region are in process to adopt live line technology that would ensure reliable power supply.

Mwakamele said Zambia has already adopted the technology.

The live line technology can help investors to continue producing in case there is power problem, since it allows maintenance without switching off electricity.

Engineer Mwakamele said after Gaborone, he would return to Tanzania and conduct a similar training before going to Nigeria later on this year.

He said few years ago Zambia Electric Supply Corporation had contacted him to help train their technicians to adopt the technology.

He went on to explain that after Zambia introduced the technology it has helped to create new jobs which has offered opportunity to increase gender equality by hiring female technicians.

“The government (Zambia) has placed preference to train female technicians which strengthens social development by empowering women who were otherwise marginalised,” he said.

He also asked the management of Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) to support him in order to enable the country achieve her goals.

“As more investors come in jobs are created, government’s revenue is boosted and the economy grows,” he added.