Tanzanians urged to pay taxes voluntarily to move forward development

28Jun 2022
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Tanzanians urged to pay taxes voluntarily to move forward development

​​​​​​​TANZANIANS have been advised to pay taxes to enable the government to implement development projects through the planned budget of 41.48 trillion/- for the 2022/2023.

Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)’s ambassadors of tax compliance Subira Mgalu (C) with Zulfa Mmaka (R) being shown the various infrastructure of the traders’ central market which is under construction in Dodoma during their working visit to show the public how the taxes paid are used in the country. Photo: Courtesy of TRA.

Members of Parliament who are ambassadors of tax compliance made the call yesterday during their visit to Dodoma Region, where they visited some of the projects being implemented for tax payers’ money.

Ambassadors of tax compliance visited the construction of Machinga Market, Magufuli City, Dodoma Vocational Training College and the construction of the ring road.

Tax ambassador and Special Seat MP for Coast Subira Mgalu Region said in stimulating country’s socio-economic development it is important to support the government by paying taxes voluntarily.

"For the 2022/23 budget, the government has planned to collect 41.48 trillion/- which is collected by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and Local Government Authorities so to achieve the goal of collecting the money it is important that taxpayers and the general public pay taxes to voluntary and timely,” she said.

She said that since President Samia Suluhu Hassan get into power she has kept the private sector close and stressed that together with the government it does not do business, but has been creating an enabling environment for voluntary tax payment.

Commenting on the projects visited by the ambassador, she said the value for money was evident and stressed that the activities that will take place in the projects will continue to contribute to the national income and increase revenue for Dodoma City Council.

"I call on traders of various cadres large, medium and small as well as all Tanzanians to continue paying taxes voluntarily and demand receipts every time we make purchases and traders to issue receipts every time they sell their products,” she said, assuring Tanzanians: “If we continue with the patriotism of paying taxes voluntarily if they are collected by our country will make great strides in development.”

Another tax Ambassador and Special Seats MP for South Pemba Region Zulfa Omary said that, the development of any country is achieved due to people paying taxes, urging:  “Tanzanians not to be afraid of TRA when they come to encourage to pay taxes, because tax benefits have been seen in all the projects we have visited during our visit so I advise and urge citizens to continue paying taxes voluntarily because the tax results you pay are very clear.”

TRA Director for Tax Payer Services and Education, Richard Kayombo said that the visit was aimed at showing how the taxes paid by the people are used to bring development.

"We have often encouraged citizens to pay taxes but this time we have had to pass tax ambassadors on various projects implemented by those taxes so that Tanzanians can also see through the media how their taxes work," he explained. Kayombo.

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