TAWA takes steps to reinforce anti-poaching efforts

17Apr 2021
The Guardian
TAWA takes steps to reinforce anti-poaching efforts

​​​​​​​THE Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) have signed an agreement to reinforce anti-poaching efforts.

TAWA’s acting conservation commissioner, Mabula Misungwi, said the anti-poaching and other conservation activities will be conducted along the Ruaha-Katavi ecosystem.

Misungwi thanked WCS for working jointly with TAWA saying fighting poaching required joint efforts.

Noah Mpunga, WCS director for Tanzania, appealed to other conservation organisations to support Tanzania toward wildlife conservation.

The Ruaha-Katavi ecosystem comprises miombo plains, forested highlands, significant rivers, lakes and wetlands.

It is the most important area in terms of elephant numbers in East Africa and a key habitat for endangered and vulnerable species including lion, wild dog, giraffe, hippo, vultures, sable and roan.

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