TCC’s ‘Will Writing Program’ should be embraced by public

13Feb 2019
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TCC’s ‘Will Writing Program’ should be embraced by public

BREAD winners should write wills to avert squabbles among family members in case of their demise as Tanzania Cigarettes Company Plc employees adopt the culture.

TCC Plc’s General Manager and CEO, Alan Jackson speaking to employees during the Will Program Week at the company premises in Dar es Salaam during the weekend. Photo: courtesy of TCC.

Through a TCC’s ‘Will Writing Program,’ employees of the company have averted family feuds by writing wills while alive which Employee Relations Manager, Masoud Matange wants others to borrow a leaf from.

“This program was launched in 2008 with the aim of protecting employees’ dependents when one dies,” Matange said, adding that they are trying to build the culture so that more employees can write and update their Wills regularly.

He said the service is free of charge and the company through its human resources department has contracted a legal firm that handles the process with employees willingly writing their will and updating them regularly.

“The legal firm helps in conducting sensitization, writing process, custody and reading of the Will which takes place at the headquarters and all our branches countrywide where TCC Plc operates,” he said.

“This is a challenge not just to TCC employees but to all employees out there as this is the only way they can ensure that they do not leave families in disputes after their death,” the Employee Relations Manager added.

One of the TCC employees who took part in the exercise thanked the company’s management for the initiative saying not all employers can offer such a unique service which avoids conflicts among deceased employees dependants.

“Because this service is free of charge, it gives more employees a chance to come out, write and update their wills,” she said.

Another employee said he worked in two other places before joining TCC Plc but never got such a unique opportunity. “I was so touched to get such kind of opportunity from the company as very few employers will do such a thing for employees free of charge,” he noted.




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