TCCIA stakeholders agree to invest in industries

13Aug 2019
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TCCIA stakeholders agree to invest in industries

THE Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (TCCIA) has been urged to educate its members on international trade to ease  the costs of doing businesses as well as reduce losses that traders incur when crossing borders for businesses.

Tanzania’s High Commissioner  to Kenya Dr Pindi Chana.

Tanzania’s High Commissioner  to Kenya Dr Pindi Chana made the advice during the 'Kagera investment forum’ week which began yesterday in Bukoba.

Dr Chana has said she has witnessed  some  traders incur  losses  for not knowing some issues about international trade for example basic issues such as, how much moisture  is needed when exporting  maize, where to park the luggage after arrival, agreements  and  other procedures.

She said Kenya has 529 companies investing to Tanzania, with the capital of 1.7bn/- and 56,250 employment opportunities for the EAC member states.

The forum is organised by Kagera Regional Commissioner, Brigadier General Marco Gaguti and brought together traders from the region, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

The forum also brought together Tanzania ambassador to the mentioned countries to explore various opportunities available in neighbouring countries which can benefit Kagera traders and the country in general.

Tanzania’s ambassador  to  DRC retired Lt Gen. Paul Meela said 48per cent of Congolese are Swahili speakers, and the country is in great need of food and building  materials  especially  in Bukavu, Goma and Kivu, where there is no much competition which Kagera traders  can benefit a lot.

Ernest Mangu Tanzania’s envoy to  Rwanda said Rwanda is a country of hills with no enough land suitable for agriculture, so they need food crops from  Tanzania,  notably  bananas and maize,sardines and a big number  of fresh fish as there international  meetings held there  .

He strongly  advised  the Kagera traders  to partner with Rwanda traders who are  experienced  in international  trade  ,with markets in  Europe and Asia, and that  Kagera can do good in pepper  agriculture  which Rwanda exports  in abundance,

Kagera R C ,Gaguti said Kagera region is one of Lake zone regions  that constitute 27-percent  of Tanzania population, and due to its  strategic  geographical location, the region is at the centre  of the entire East African Community market of population about 190 million.

“This implies that goods and services produced in  Kagera Region,have a potential  market within the  EAC and beyond,” he said.

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