Telco’s all networks ‘Ujanja Ni’ package excites customers

17Feb 2020
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Dar es Salaam
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Telco’s all networks ‘Ujanja Ni’ package excites customers

CUSTOMERS of Tigo Tanzania are excited with an all-net service package dubbed, ‘Ujanja Ni’ that allows them to call across networks at the same tariff.

Tigo’s acting Chief Commercial Officer, David Umoh.

The move means that Tigo customers are now done away with purchasing on-net and off-net voice packages to communicate across all networks. “I used to have two sim cards that enabled me to call my friends and relatives across other networks but now I only use my Tigo line to make calls to any network at the same price,” said Mtwara based, Faustina Mavika.

Mavika said the all net services has granted extreme freedom to access communications services in the market where cross network calls are still costly.

Arguably, reliable communications service is one of the key pillars in fostering economic development, the ‘Ujanja Ni’ is therefore, set to positively impact economic activities while making social experiences online even more pleasant.

Sanday Kitosi, a bodaboda rider based at Kijitonyama in Dar es Salaam backed Mavika’s observation by revealing that before ‘Ujanja Ni’ was launched he had the inconvenience of using a lot of money to call his customers who are on other networks.

“I remember one day I lost a customer because I could not get her on voice call to give me a proper direction to the location where she was as I had limited airtime to call other networks. Since Tigo introduced ‘Ujanja Ni’ package my job has become easier,” said Kitosi.

Another Tigo subscriber, Richard Pascal who resides in Morogoro also shares the same experience as Kitosi saying the new package offers more freedom to call friends and family members who are on other networks hence reducing the burden of having more than one sim card.

“Honestly, this service has reduced the pain that most of us were experiencing in the past since now I no longer need to have several sim-cards to call anyone, I can also purchase any voice package and use it to call my friends available on any network without being limited to talk time,” he added.

The new product portfolio is a first in the market and also the smartest choice for all consumers as it comes with a simplified channel to purchase which enables customers to have easy access to all the newly enriched packages.

According to most Tigo subscribers, the service has improved access to communications services as it offers freedom to call across all networks at the same tariffs, a revolutionary solution in today’s market.

Tigo’s acting Chief Commercial Officer, David Umoh said the new portfolio is set to liberate and connect customers more with their friends and relatives across all networks in the market.

“Our new package liberates voice calls to any network in Tanzania. This further demonstrates our efforts in being the network that gives more value to customers while they experience our innovative services,” said Umoh. He noted that the new package also allows ‘Ujanja Ni’ subscribers to save money because its much cheaper compared to similar packages available in the market.

Another customer, Marry Michael from Tegeta in Dar es Salaam seconded Umoh’s arguments saying, “Apart from calling across all networks, I also save more money by purchasing weekly and monthly packages that offers more value at affordable price,” she noted.

She said as a university student, she used to purchase Uni packs hence has experienced some changes on the Tigo’s menu which a colleague, Martha Silvin also backed. “I was a bit worried when I could not access the Uni packs on the menu but I can still access the same packages on ‘Saizi Yako’ where you get improved voice, data and SMS bundles,” Silvin said. All Tigo packages can be purchased digitally through Tigo Pesa.

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