Telco awards 50m/- cash to 50 ‘Sherehekea Pesa’ winners

03May 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Telco awards 50m/- cash to 50 ‘Sherehekea Pesa’ winners

FIFTY lucky winners took home 1m/- each thanks to Tigo Pesa’s promotion dubbed, ‘Sherehekea Pesa’ last week during a weekly draw.

Tigo Pesa high value customers segment manager, Mary Rutta handing over a dummy cheque to one of the 1m/- cash prize winners, Farid Mruma in Dar es Salaam on Friday. Photo courtesy of Tigo.

In a statement on Friday, Tigo Tanzania said as part of its ongoing ‘Sherehekea Pesa’ promotion a batch of 10 lucky winners were each handed 1m/- as part of the 10-week long exercise that will see the telco pay over 200m/- to clients. The promo is also part of Tigo Pesa 10-year celebrations.

Speaking during the cash handover ceremony in Dar es Salaam on Friday, Tigo Pesa High Value Customers Segment Manager, Mary Rutta the promotion which has entered its sixth week, has so far award 50m/- to 50 different customers.

“Customers participation is what predicts their outcome as weekly or grand draw winners. In the main campaign, where the theme is ‘Everyone wins with Tigo Pesa,’ every customer stands a chance to win various bonuses while Tigo Pesa Wakalas are also eligible so they should put more effort in making sure customers are getting reliable services at all times,” Rutta said.

“The more a customer uses Tigo Pesa to make payments for utility bills, buy goods and services, send money to other Tigo Pesa customers, receiving money from other networks and other countries, the more chances they get to win cash prizes,” she explained.

Rutta pointed out that the luck winners come from different regions in the country who regularly use Tigo Pesa platform to transact. “The promotion will continue for the next five weeks, where each week, 10 lucky winners will walk away with 1m/- each, thereafter, the weekly winners will enter a grand draw where 10 winners will each get 10m/- at the end of the campaign,” she added. The ‘Sherehekea Pesa’ promotion will see 60 winners will a total of 150m/- prize money.

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