Telecom expands its wings in Katavi region

29Apr 2019
The Guardian Reporter
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Telecom expands its wings in Katavi region

A telecom company--Vodacom Tanzania has launched a large shop with service desks in Mpanda district, Katavi region in a move to bring services closer to customers.

former Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda.

The shop is expected to be a gateway to various social and economic opportunities for the local residents.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, the former Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda, lauded the mobile firm while emphasizing that the shop will simplify the availability of services as well as instigate the economic activities within the district and the region.

 “Welcome home Vodacom, congratulations for opening a bigger shop in Mpanda, our district is filled with hardworking working locals and businessmen who are self-driven towards attaining economic growth. It is indeed exciting to see that, they will now have access to services at ease and also get more opportunities,” he said.

Pinda urged the people of Mpanda to look at the move by the mobile phone firm as a catalyst for economic progress.

The new shop has modern equipment, well-trained staff who are ready to roll out quality services to the dwellers of Mpanda District with consideration to the increase of population in Katavi region.

Vodacom Southern Highlands Zone Head of Sales, MacFydine Minja said that the launch is in line with the company’s goal to create opportunities for Tanzanians and propel economic growth.

 “We are committed to providing quality services to our customers in the region where we have already installed 4G network which allows our users to access fast internet services. We also have five customer services desks. Our priority is to make sure our customers have access to quality services at ease and with precision. Vodacom’s presence in this district is also an opportunity because the customer service desks have already offered 15 jobs and have leveraged a multitude of services to benefit entrepreneurs in the region” added Minja. 

He also added that Vodacom customers have the opportunity to acquire a variety of services from the shop such as sim card registration, advice over services such as M-Koba, recovery of lost or damaged sim cards, purchase of smartphones at affordable prices and many more.

Cellular services such as mobile transactions have been increasing at a fast rate and it has been a major contributor towards community development and the economy in general.

“Had been planning to become an M-Pesa agent for a long time and I am now grateful that Vodacom has opened this shop. Today, I am taking the first step in making my dream come true”, said Helena Lao, a resident of Mpanda district as she showed the required identity cards which will enable her to become the first agent to be registered in the new shop.

At the moment, Vodacom Tanzania Plc has a total of 100 shops, 350 customer service desks actively offering services to customers in various areas across the country.