TFS : Don’t lend farmland we gave you to bigger farmers

20Jun 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
TFS : Don’t lend farmland we gave you to bigger farmers

TANZANIA Forests Services Agency (TFS) in West Kilimanjaro area has expressed its disappointment over small-scale farmers tendencies to lend to big farmers lands which were temporarily offered to them for farming purposes.

The small-scale farmers who have become land middlemen are those who were given land for farming in Ngarenairobi, Namwai, Matadi and Roslini in Siha District Kilimanjaro Region.

TFS West Kilimanjaro Forest Reserve Manager Masaranga Yahya said the farms are not for sale, but for helping the people to develop themselves economically by cultivating food and cash crops.

“There have been complaints from the residents in the area that they employ much red tape in getting land for farming in the area for the cultivation of beans, potatoes, carrot and maize.

He said: “After they get the farms, they lend them to big farmers. That is a problem which we have started to discover, we suggest they stop doing that, the farms are for them and no one else,” said Yahya.

 He added: “When you sell the area you were given for 400,000/- or 500,000/- per field, you will use the money once but your difficulties will remain.

"You could farm the land for three years and it will bring you much development, for yourself and your family.”

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