Three banks deploy agents in Musoma villages.

23May 2020
Sabato Kasika
The Guardian
Three banks deploy agents in Musoma villages.

IN efforts to bring closer financial services to the under-served rural communities three banks have set up agents in some villages in Musoma District, Mara Region to enable the communities access key financial services, boost rural financial and inclusive economy.


Musoma District commissioner Dr Vincent Anney said this in an interview with The Guardian while speaking about various development strategies being implemented in the district.

According to him, the banks - NMB, CRBD and NBC have deployed the agents as they are preparing to build branches that will be providing more services.

"Witnessing major banks setting up agents in rural and under-served communities is a huge step towards promoting inclusive economy," said Dr Anney.

He further explained that NMB agents are currently in the villages of Bukima and Mugango while of CRDB are in the villages of Saragana, Seka, Bukima and Mugango.

Dr Anney named the other villages, which are expected to acquire NMB and CRDB agents in the future as Bwai, Busekela, Etaro and Nyambono, adding that NBC will start in Murangi village.

"Perhaps I should clarify that Musoma district is made up of Musoma Municipal and Musoma District councils which have 68 villages whose residents rely on financial services in the city, this force them to travel long distances seeking for financial services in town," he said.

The introduction of these services, he said, will help them not to travel longer distances to follow the services as it was in the past, the presence of such banking agents is a positive step.

"For example, the residents of Busekela and other local areas, have been traveling more than 90 Kilometres to pursue financial services in the city but can now access the services in their surrounding areas," he added.

The presence of such agents in some villages, he said, was a concerted effort by various stakeholders including Musoma Rural MP, Prof Sospeter Muhongo who has been collaborating with the government to promote development.

"This MP has been campaigning to encourage the presence of banks in his constituency to facilitate the provision of financial services and they are now putting agents in place to prepare themselves for bank buildings," he said.